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MG 1/100 Re GZ-Custom


  An aircraft that has developed Li Gazi from "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack MSV", Li Gazi Custom appears in the Master Grade Series!The body shape is reproduced by new modeling....

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An aircraft that has developed Li Gazi from "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack MSV", Li Gazi Custom appears in the Master Grade Series!
The body shape is reproduced by new modeling. In addition, the deformation mechanism to the wave rider form is implemented according to the setting!

● Reproduce the body shape with new modeling based on MG!
New parts are added based on MG Re Gazi to pursue the shape of Re Gazi Custom.
Reproduce the head, chest, waist, legs and other parts with new modeling!

-Head The characteristic head is reproduced by new modeling. By carrying a V-shaped antenna, the face is closer to the Gundam type than Ri Gazi.

・ Chest The cockpit hatch with greatly expanded ducts and additional details is reproduced with new molding.

・ Shoulders The front and back, and the exterior with ducts on the sides are reproduced with new molding.
Duct part reproduces the color ring as set by molding color and parts division. -Reproduce the forearm that makes the arm

Z Gundam inflated with new modeling.
The grenade launcher in the arm inherited from Li Gazi is equipped with a slide gimmick and an openable gimmick.

・ Legs
MG The shape of Li Gazi custom is reproduced by new molding while following the design of Li Gazi.

・ Waist A duct section has been newly added to the front armor. The beam guns on both sides are sharply shaped.

● Updated shoulder joints for dynamic posing!
Updated MG Li Gazi's shoulder joint.
By swinging forward and moving to the top, it is three-dimensional with the movable performance of the latest MG format.

The main weapon, the beam assault rifle can be held with both hands and the Hyper Beam Saber can also be smoothly posing.

● Completely reproduces the wave rider form by installing the back weapon system!
Three-dimensionalization of the miniaturized back weapon system with new modeling.
Completely recreates the shape of a wave rider. In the MS mode, the nose portion is stored in a folded state on the back.

-Reproduce the distinctive Gazi custom armament with new modeling!

Beam Assault Rifle The main weapon, the beam assault rifle, is three-dimensionalized with new modeling.

Beam Gun The waist beam gun is movable so that it rises forward.

Hyper Beam Saber The Hyper Beam Saber, which is also the beam cannon, is reproduced with new modeling.

● Various hand parts are included Newly adopted hand parts are ideal for poses such as armed holding.
New hand grip parts for Hyper Beam Saber are included, as well as a wealth of expression hand parts.

● Newly designed water transfer decals included!

It comes armed: beam assault rifle / hyper beam saber / shield


Choking Hazard-Small parts are not suitable for children under 3, adult supervision required.