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Variable light PG 1/60 Base


This product it's on its way, please read below. This is a pre order, please understand that any order with an item that it is pre order or back order will...

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i UNDERSTAND This is a pre-Order Items and your entire order will NOT ship until ALL items becomes available.Release Dates are subject to manufacturer/distributor delays.please see description for estimated arrivel time


This product it's on its way, please read below.

This is a pre order, please understand that any order with an item that it is pre order or back order will not be shipped unless all items are ready to ship. Please choose pre order as the shipping option.

This platform has no bottom cover, this design is for the installation of upgrades in the future
2. The main body of this platform is not equipped with a physical key switch. When installing the battery, please do not touch the touch button of the exia nameplate, because this nameplate also acts as a certain switch, and there is a certain chance of it crashing when it is touched and turned on
3. There is a brief description of the operation at the bottom of the color box, please refer to the reading


A. The product size is 275x227x38mm, perfect for PG-level energy angel and its derivative versions. It can also be applied to various PG, MG level models, and other series models. This product comes with five EXIA nameplates of various shapes, which can be replaced by yourself. The inscriptions are clear and sharp, and can be advanced to cooler gameplay through the seepage line.
B. The product's original "variable color dynamic halo" is installed on the front of the floor. The color sequence of the halo can realize the RGB color change through the configured remote control. It can produce a variety of light colors through combination, and has dynamic / static breathing functions.
C. The main body of the platform is equipped with a touch function. The touch is preset in 4 colors and RGB color breathing change mode. The order can be switched by tapping the nameplate. Long press the touch button to turn off / standby. Easy to operate.
D. This light platform is perfectly adapted to the bracket that comes with the B social angel model, and the body lamp set battery box without any conflict! It is recommended to match the body light set (purchased separately) to realize the "resonance of light" between the body and the floor! !
E. More gameplay is waiting for players to discover! ! At the same time, our factory is also developing evolutionary accessories linked to the platform, so stay tuned! !

Product packaging accessories list:
Light platform x1, remote control x1, nameplate x5 (one of which is pre-installed)
The floor is powered by 4xAA (No. 5 battery), this product is not included.
The remote control is suitable for 1xCR2025 (button battery) included with the product.
* The simple operation instructions are printed on the back of the box of this product, please be sure to refer to the players and friends before using.
* The pictures and text mentioned in this article are for reference only and are not included in this product list.